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Is Redemption Point Christian Academy (RPCA) a homeschool or a private school? We are a Category IV Church-related umbrella school. We will have classes Monday - Thursday on RPC campus with teachers, administration, and students in-person. On Fridays, students will have an asynchronous (at home) learning day.


What time does it end and start? The 2023-2024 school year start time is 8:30am (drop-off begins at 8:10am) and end time is 3:00pm (pick-up ends at 3:15pm). Every Wednesday afternoon will be Chapel Service for all students. Families welcome and encouraged to join!


Is childcare available? Before and after school care will be available, as well as Friday care as needed for an addition fee. Beforecare begins at 7:30am and Aftercare ends at 4:30pm.


Will services for students with special needs be available? Special Services range from the provision of speech and language services in the child's home zoned school to comprehensive special educational services in a school-based or center-based setting.


Will lunch be provided? Students will bring their own water bottles, lunches, and snacks to school with them. At this time, RPC Christian Academy is not providing breakfast or lunch unless otherwise told ahead of time for "special days" or for ordering takeout. Lunches should not require the use of a microwave if possible.


Will students be required to wear a uniform? RPCA dress code will include required school-logo shirts/hoodies/polos. Khaki or navy shorts, pants, skirts, jeans (without holes or rips), approximately 3 inches above the knee or longer. Heely® or other rolling shoes are not permitted, most other footwear is allowed.

What core curriculum is being used at the Academy? Proposed curriculums include: K-4th grades will use Veritas for ELA and Social Studies, with Saxon for Math and Science. 5th - 8th grades will use Alpha-Omega Lifepac.

What Bible curriculum is being used at the Academy? Grades K-4 will use Veritas Bible curriculum. Middle grades, 5 -8th will use Right Now Media study series throughout the year. The first is a study on the apologetics. 

Need more homeschool information? Click here to go to the HCDE Office of Equity and Advocacy webpage for homeschooling.

What is Meningococcal disease? The TNDOE recommends vaccination against this disease. You can visit the website here:  and read the PDF below.

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