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2024-2025 Tuition

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There are no registration or application fees at RPCA. A $150 deposit is required for the purchase of curriculum, planning for staffing, electives class supplies, and ensuring placement in classes. 


RPCA tuition can be made monthly, quarterly, per semester, or in a lump sum at the beginning of the school year.


Monthly payments are typically divided into 10 equal payments due at the end of each month from August to May. Other arrangements may be available upon request.

Students with special services needs may be charged up to a $1000 fee for the addition of specialized co-teaching requirements. See the Special Services tab for more information.

*Tuition prices are annual, not per semester and are based on a full academic year commitment. 

Multiple Sibling Discount: 2024-2025

1 Student = Full Tuition Price

2 Students = 20% discount off total tuition 

3 Students = 30% discount off total tuition

4+ students = 40% discount off total tuition

*Applies to on-campus students only, not Umbrella or Cyber Academy

Examples for Multiple Siblings:

2 students in Elementary school = $6400 total tuition (20% discount)

2 students in Middle school = $7200 (20% discount)

3 students in Elementary school = $8400 (30% discount)

4 students in Elementary school = $9600 (40% discount)

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