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Special Services

RPCA is a Homeschool Academy and can only provide a specialized teaching experience and push-in method of instruction with a fee of up to $1000 for the additional teacher required for these services.


"Child Find" is the process of locating, identifying, and evaluating children with disabilities to ensure that they receive services to which they are entitled. Children who are suspected of having a disability can be referred for a possible evaluation at no cost to determine if they are eligible for special education services. Referrals of children with a suspected delay or disability can be made to your local education agency (school district). District contact information is available here.


Hamilton County Schools Mailing Address: 

3074 Hickory Valley Rd

Chattanooga, TN, 37421

Main Phone Number: 423-498-7020


What rights do home school students have for special education services from the local school district?  Students who are home schooled are entitled to the same services as children who are placed in private schools by their parents.  This is provided via a "services plan" and is generally some type of related service, such as speech therapy, as determined by the school district where the student is registered to home school.  The parent should contact the local school district for complete information.

Is the local school district responsible for testing students enrolled in church-related home schools? No.  The local school district is only responsible for testing students who are registered as independent home school students.

There are free decodable books on the TN Dept. of Ed. website.


Tennessee universal reading screener K-2

For more information visit the Tennessee Department of Education website for Special Education:

Services range from the provision of speech and language services in the child's home zoned school to comprehensive special educational services in a school-based or center-based setting. 

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