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RPCA Homeschool Umbrella

Redemption Point Christian Academy (RPCA) welcomes registration for asynchronous learning for families in grades K-12. This process uses our Umbrella for Tennessee homeschool requirements but ultimately allows families to traditionally homeschool off-campus at their own discretion.


The umbrella fee is $150 for the year and allows access to RPCA offices for questions regarding homeschooling regulations and guidelines in Tennessee. Curriculum, planning, scheduling and all other components of education at the discretion of the family.




Children entering kindergarten shall be five (5) years of age on or before August 15th of the school year. 

Homeschool Registration Form 2024-25

Family Information

Student 1 Information:

Scroll down to submit if registering only one student

Student 2 Information:

Student 3 Information:

If registering more than three students, please resubmit the form

Thanks for submitting!

If a registration confirmation email is not received within 1 business day,
please contact RPCA or submit again.

Homeschool Laws in Tennessee

Parents or legal guardians may withdraw their child from public school and enroll them in a non-public school, including a home school umbrella or accredited online school, at any point in the year if the non-public school accepts the student. The local school system may require proof of enrollment upon withdrawal. Compulsory education laws require that a student be enrolled in an approved public, non-public or independent home school.

Visit the Tennessee Department of Education, homeschooling section for more information: click here

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